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This is my entry to Ludum Dare 28 (december 2013) which is a competition
where you make a game in a weekend (48 hours) on a specific theme.
This was my first time participating so it's not the best game I've ever made, but at least I tried ;)
The game may seem a bit pointless, but that's just because I was quite late coming up with the gameidea (which is hard!).
At least it's not the last Ludum Dare (next one is in april), so I'll get another chance.

The theme was You only get one (if you can't see the theme in the game, hover here).
The goal in the game is to bring the blue orbs to the center.
And yes, unfortunately, the game never ends :P
My highscore: ∞ (rotated 90°)



Download 2017-06-07

Same as 1.0 except now you can run it.

  • Made the program startable without an applet.


Download 2014-02-02

First release

Unfortunately this one only works as an applet, which are rarely supported anymore.