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This program shoots a ray through every pixel on the screen to find out what color that pixel should have. The ray might hit an object, then bounce off in a new direction to hit anouther object. This process might continue several times before the ray goes out into the void. This information can be used to get a color value at every pixel, so that an image can be made for the scene. The scene is currently not very complex, but the reflections makes it look a lot more interesting. At the moment it is just three spheres reflecting light onto each other.

New version!! RayTracer 1.1 is now available!

This is the beginning of a system for displaying (almost) arbitrary functions in 3D. You will be able to input a function, and then fly around and have a look at it. This uses most of the same code as version 1.0, which means that the functions are being drawn with raytracing. Since the program uses numerical methods to decide how far away the function is there will be some visible rendering errors. And one more thing: if you look at the function the FPS will increase since it will not have to look so far to find the function (the effect is surprisingly big).
Stay tuned for the next version!
<Note: These don't seem to work on Linux, which is a pity! That might be fixed in the future.



Download 2018-01-13

You can now look at any function that can be written as f(x,y,z)=0, all you need to do is edit rayShader.frag in the jar-file!

The will be an easier way to edit the function in the future I hope. But if you edit and save the file the program will load it again withing 5 seconds!

And the controls are WASD, arrow keys, mouse, M, left CTRL, left ALT.


Download 2017-06-07

First release

The content in this release is from 2016-11-11, but it was never released.

  • Made the program runnable outside my IDE