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This is a 2D game made of tiles (squares).
It has some really nice transitions between different tile types.
There's not a lot to do in the game yet,
but when I've got a working gameidea I will make the game more interesting to play.
I'm thinking of adding something to do with magic and evolution :)
Although there's still the nice tiletransitions to look at :D
INFO: All versions after Alpha 1.0.6 will be written in Java 8
so you may need to update to at least Java 8 in order to run them.
(Java 8 is fantastic by the way!)


Alpha 1.0.6

Download 2014-04-09

This version adds a lot because I never really felt it was the right time for an update.

  • Added testmob (click to spawn, rightclick to despawn, middleclick to despawn all)
  • Added pointers (pointing at mobs outside the screen (not too far away))
  • Changed the playertexture (it's not done yet and will be changed again)
  • Rewrote the inputsystem
  • Made the soundsystem (not int use yet, and may have started earlier)
  • Added multiplayer (work in progress, but the basics are working)
  • Started working on the optionsmenu
  • Added a really nice (randomly generated) background to the menus (generated on startup)
  • Surely a lot of bugfixes (like always)

Alpha 1.0.5

Download 2013-07-08

In this version the two recently added systems advanced to version 2!

These updates were quite big so they were the only big updates.

  • Updated the menusystem to version 2 (a lot better)
  • Updated the tile-transistion-system to version 2 (more realistic)
  • Started working on multiplayer

Alpha 1.0.4

Download 2013-05-13

This update includes the versions A1.0.1, A1.0.2 and A1.0.3 which unfortanately didn’t get backed up before the next version came out and overwrote the previous version. Due to that derp the game changed dramatically in this version.

  • Added the beginning of the menusystem
  • Added different tiles and the first version of the tile-transistion-system
  • Added the player
  • Added the minimap

Alpha 1.0.0

Download 2013-04-13

First release

In the beginning there was only a scrollable background of green tiles.