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The goal of being a programmer: Making your own Minecraft. Hexacraft is a game inspired by Minecraft, but with some interesting changes. First of all the blocks are hexagonal (at least on the top and bottom, since a more crazy shape wouldn't tesselate 3D space). Secondly the world i cylindrical, meaning that if you travel in one direction you might get back where you started. One very nice feature of the game is that the world is almost infinite (at least compared to heights in Minecraft). There is place for around 65 000 blocks in the Y direction (up-down), and 16 million blocks in the X and Z directions (horizontally). That is a lot better than Minecraft in the Y direction! Minecraft does allow a greater range in the X and Z directions, but I think that 16 million will do just fine. There are a lot of things to cover about this game, so I will post more soon.



Download 2023-07-26

After more than two years (again) it is finally time to release Hexacraft 0.11!

  • Added player inventory
  • Added smooth lighting
  • Updated birch tree texture
  • Added arm64 support
  • Prepared for adding multiplayer support in the future
  • Improved the codebase enormously


Download 2021-07-20

It has almost been two years since 0.9, so it’s about time for a new version!

  • Added sheep (spawn with L)
  • Added bigger trees
  • Added birch trees
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements


Download 2019-09-30

After more than a year of waiting, it is finally time to release Hexacraft 0.9!

  • Added player model (spawn by pressing P)
  • Added trees
  • Introduced a new rendering system
  • The chunk loader was completely rewritten and is now much better
  • Improved performance, fixed bugs and performed a lot of other code maintenance


Download 2018-07-09

This version adds water and lighting.

Note: If you log in to a world in this version, it will be incompatible with previous versions of the game.

  • Added water with abillity to flow
  • Added toolbar and block in hand
  • Added lighting in caves (looks much better now)
  • Sand blocks now emit light (temporarily)
  • Changed world save folder structure


Download 2017-12-01

This is the first version that is available on github. This is also the reason for the name of the version.

  • Added some menus so that you can have many worlds
  • Fixed some bugs

0.6 (Alpha 1.5)

Download 2017-08-24
WASD - Move
Space - Jump
M - Rotate camera with mouse
RMB - Place block
LMB - Destroy block
1-9 - Change inventyslot (invisible at the moment, only 1-4 contain blocks)

F - Fly
Shift - Descend
Space - Ascend

F11 - Fullscreen (lower fps)

Arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn - Rotate camera
LCtrl, Alt, RCtrl - Move slowly, faster, superfast
F3 - Reload resources (like textures)
Enter - Unload/Load world (useless)
  • Rewrote the game in Scala
  • Added more blocktypes
  • Added nice worldgen
  • Added caves (they will change in the future though)
  • Now the world is saved (in AppData or the home directory)
  • Made the sky beautiful
  • Made the sun look less like a lemon, and more like an actual sun.
  • Fixed collision detection! It's now much better than before!
  • Chunk loading loads fastest where you look
  • Much better resource-loading system
  • The world is saved when the game unloads (e.g. by closing the window)
  • Added fullscreen
  • Made the game much more worth playing because the world will be saved

0.6.x (Alpha 1.5.x)

Download 2017-08-24

All Alpha 1.5 realeases.

0.5 (Alpha 1.4)

Download 2017-04-05
  • Basic collision detection
  • Changed to LWJGL3 (a library)
  • Made the sky blue
  • Introduced fullscreen
  • Added the sun
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed major issue with performance on linux computers

0.5.x (Alpha 1.4.x)

Download 2017-04-05

All Alpha 1.4 realeases so far. After this version I switched to Scala and rewrote the game at the same time. This was done to make the code nicer but of course it results in delayed progress. It will not take too long though.

0.4 (Alpha 1.3)

Download 2017-02-11
  • Introduced sand
  • Rotate camera with mouse (press M)
  • Change blocktype (press T)
  • Player height set to around 1.7 blocks
  • Started working on saving the world
  • Introduced triangular pixels on the top and bottom of blocks
  • Player height doubled (so that one block height is half a meter)
  • Basic world generation
  • Very basic shadows
  • Quite unnecessary day-night cycle

0.4.x (Alpha 1.3.x)

Download 2017-02-11

All Alpha 1.3 releases

0.3 (Alpha 1.2)

Download 2016-03-19
  • Introduced adding and removing of blocks
  • Added basic gravity
  • Instead of moving the player up and down, the world expands; this solves some rendering problems
  • Superfast render
  • Chunk loading improvements

0.3.x (Alpha 1.2.x)

Download 2016-03-19

All Alpha 1.2 releases

0.2 (Alpha 1.1)

Download 2015-10-29
  • Faster rendering
  • F3 refreshes resources
  • Chunks load in a circle around the player
  • More efficient memory usage
  • Blocks are introduced
  • Fixed rendering bugs related to block coordinates
  • The block under the mouse pointer is now correctly detected and marked

0.2.x (Alpha 1.1.x)

Download 2015-10-29

All Alpha 1.1 releases

0.1 (Alpha 1.0)

Download 2015-06-20

First release

0.1.x (Alpha 1.0.x)

Download 2015-06-20

All Alpha 1.0 releases